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Running parallel to the Church School is a robust program for adults to come and learn, question, explore and ponder their place in the world as a child of God. The multi-generational group is led each week on different topics that speak to our questions and our concerns, both personally and globally. CPC feels very strongly about the continuing of education for adults. Even though we are adults, how can we have it all figured out? Adults need a place to come and to learn, especially when their children are in their classes learning. We never are “there,” but we try and help each as we walk along together.

Adult Education classes cover a lot of territory and do not have a standard curriculum. Topics are chosen because there is a need to study or talk about various subjects. This has included the heavy and light. We have studied science and theology, including creative design and Darwinism; the theology of the Cross and theories of atonement; faith and parenting; hospitality and loving the stranger; an overview of Presbyterian theology and polity; a theological engagement with traditional television shows and music at Christmastime; dimensions of prayer and spiritual disciplines; how art conveys theological ideas; ministry in a digital age; and the hunger crisis.

People who attend Adult Education classes have offered these comments:

“I have deeper theological insights and get a sense of how what I am hearing in Adult Ed ties with what I hear and read elsewhere. It helps me modify and check my own framework of looking at things and dealing with life.” - P. Green

“Adult Ed is a great way to start the week. It gets me thinking BEFORE the sermon. And I learn words hardly anyone else knows.” - K. Glennan

“I like to have a time to exchange of ideas and hear what other people think. It helps me find my way.” - L. White

Another way to experience education is through travel. CPC has offered various opportunities to our congregation focusing on the “holy places” in our world. Periodically, tours are set up for members and friends of members to see far-away places where other believers live. Previous trips have included Rome and Italy, and the Iona Community and Scotland. These trips all focus on important religious places putting in context how we fit into the wider world.

Adult Education is held from 9:00 a.m.-10:10 a.m in the Library during the program year. Childcare is provided for children under 3 to allow all people to join the lively discussions. (Church School aged children are in their classes during the same time.)

Please check the News and Events and Calendar pages for specific information on Adult Education programs.

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