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Because we have been given the amazing gift of God’s grace, we respond by going out into the world and helping the world become what God desires it to be. Catonsville Presbyterian is extremely passionate about its mission projects. We believe in building relationships and getting involved on a personal level. For us, it’s more than writing a check. It’s the experience of seeing God in others, whether they are the same or very different from ourselves. All ages should be involved in doing God’s work and encourage everyone to participate and maybe even test their comfort zones.

How do we arrive at what to do next? Our Peace and Justice Committee helps to educate and inform our members on a variety of social issues, providing tools for a theologically-informed response.  Together, we seek to work, with God’s help, to create the world Jesus reveals to us in the gospels.

We are currently concentrating our efforts in the areas of hunger, housing, and health. With this awareness and education, our mission work helps in the areas of hunger, housing, and health. We want to care for the “stranger” in our world or community. We participate in mission projects that are international, national and local. It is our Childcare Center providing safe and excellent care for our community’s children or the petrol we send to run a hospital’s generator in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a group of youth stocking shelves at the Maryland Food Bank or a group from our congregation participating in a walk-a-thon to stop hunger. Making casseroles for the hungry and delivering milk or school supplies to the Cold Weather Shelter in Catonsville often brings more rewards than we ever anticipated.

Knowing that even the smallest of hands can have an effect in the world, we incorporate a mission component into our church school and have the children focus on mission each month. It can be as simple as bringing peanut butter and jelly for the food bank or collecting pennies for One Great Hour of Sharing. But this reinforces that God is good to us and we must respond by sharing the gifts we have with the rest of the world.

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